PXI resistance modules simulate RTDs and strain gauges

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Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of PXI products with the introduction of the first in a new range of Precision Resistor modules.

The 40-260 is a three-channel variable resistor module covering the resistance range of 90 to 8kohm with resolution and accuracy that are claimed to be unprecedented in the PXI form factor. The 40-260 provides a resistance setting resolution of better than 10mohm over the entire resistance range and an accuracy of better than 0.1 per cent for all resistance settings.

Pickering says the 40-260's combination of resistance range and fine setting resolution means it offers the equivalent of better than 20 bits of resolution of resistance setting. It uses a patented design principal that combines fine and coarse control mechanisms in combination with a calibration system to achieve its excellent performance. The requested resistance value is simply provided by the use of resistance calls (in ohms) to the module instead of the alternative approaches that are based on setting patterns of relay settings. David Owen, Business Development Manager for Pickering Interfaces, says: "This approach saves users considerable effort in simulating variable-resistance devices, as they no longer need to convert requests for resistance values into relay patterns, and the resistance request they send to the module is responded to with an accuracy that is at least an order of magnitude more accurate than that achievable by other approaches used in PXI modules. The specifications of the 40-260 family make them ideal for applications such as simulating RTDs and strain gauges in a test environment".

The excellent accuracy of the 40-260 is easily supported when deployed in a system. The module includes a calibration port that can be used to calibrate the resistor channels while the unit is connected to the UUT in a test system using an external DMM connected to the calibration port.

Other versions of the 40-260 Precision Resistor Module family can be supplied with variation on channel count, resolution and resistance range to suit different applications and cost targets. For more information contact your local Pickering Interfaces sales representative.

31 October 2007

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