Low-cost route to DIY hydraulic hose assemblies

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Low-cost route to DIY hydraulic hose assembliesParker Hannifin is offering the latest generation of portable hose crimping technology for just £1 with an order of hoses and fittings. This Karrykrimp promotional offer is available in the UK and the rest of Europe, providing companies with regular hose requirements the flexibility to create their own leak-free, high-quality hydraulic hose assemblies quickly and cost-effectively. This innovative system makes it easy to achieve high volumes in the factory or fast repairs on-site, eliminating the need to travel to the nearest supplier or to use costly call-out services when hose assemblies are required.

Each Karrykrimp system consists of a compact standalone unit that incorporates a unitised die-train (available separately). The relevant fitting is simply positioned on the end of the hose, and the pair can then be inserted into the unit and crimped to produce a leak-free connection. The Karrykrimp is available with both an easily portable hand pump and also a turbo air pump that makes crimping even easier.

By enabling crimping to be carried out simply and quickly, when and where it is required, the portable Karrykrimp system can cut downtime significantly. Factory-quality hose assemblies are now achievable on-site, making it possible to repair a diverse range of hydraulic applications. To ensure crimping is achieved correctly and safely, users should be trained in line with Parker standards - for example, through a local Parker distributor.

The Karrykrimp range of crimpers, namely Karrykrimp 1 and Karrykrimp 2, offers crimping of a variety of Parker No-Skive hose and fittings. These include all one- and two-wire braided SN and compact hoses up to DN32 as well as four-spiral EN 856 hoses up to DN25. The system is suitable for companies in a wide range of industries, including machine building, construction, transportation, materials handling and automotive.

Karrykrimp1 can now be purchased for just £1 when an order is placed for £2500 of hose, fitting and dies, and Karrykrimp2 can be purchased for the same price when £4000 of products are ordered.

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