AKM servomotors offer more power and options

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Micromech is now offering the AKM servomotors that, according to the company, have a considerably higher power output for a given frame size than servomotors form other manufacturers. The motors also have low-inertia rotors for high dynamic performance and they exhibit very low cogging.

AKM motors come in seven flange sizes and a large number of winding options with optional feedback systems to provide high flexibility for machine design. Furthermore, thanks to a special production method, they are available on short deliveries, and the process even facilitates the use of different frame lengths, winding versions, fixing methods (IEC, NEMA or JIS), various feedback systems and connection methods - all without increasing lead times.

The black powder-coated motors come in flange sizes of 40-188mm (j6 fit, accuracy as per DIN 42955, tolerance class N) although on request various flange/pitch circle versions are available. Over 70 torque sizes are available, ranging from 0.18-52.5Nm

For feedback, the standard versions of these motors are fitted with two-pole hollow-shaft resolvers or they can alternatively be fitted with additional feedback systems. There is either the SFD (Smart Feedback Device), an intelligent Danaher Motion feedback system, a high-resolution EnDat encoder, or a built-in Comcoder - which is an incremental encoder with commutation track. For safety, the winding temperature is monitored and a signal sent by a PTC temperature sensor in the stator winding.

The motors' insulation material is class F as per DIN 57530, so the motors are rated at 480V mains voltage and 230V for the smallest motor.

A further option is shaft sealing to IP65, while the vibration is class N (DIN ISO 2373) and the shaft is machined to DIN 748, has a threaded hole and can be supplied with or without a keyway. A holding brake is available on most frame sizes.

Usefully the mounting sockets for feedback and power connections can be rotated to suit the application.

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