Software speeds sizing of electric linear actuators

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Software speeds sizing of electric linear actuatorsHoerbiger-Origa is launching a new software utility that assists design engineers with sizing and selecting electric linear actuators for particular duties.

For example, if you want to know which electric linear drive will raise a load of 12kg vertically through a distance of 480mm in 3s, the EL-sizing software will tell you the answer in a few seconds.

The EL-sizing programme benefits from an intuitive, user-friendly working environment that leads users through the input of technical information.

Calculations of static and dynamic movement parameters are carried out automatically by the programme, thereby saving considerable amounts of time that would be required to perform the calculations manually. This is especially useful when values are changed during the planning phase. As soon as all the values have been entered or changed in the input field, one button click brings up a list of all suitable linear drives.

Complete linear drive/motor packages can also be selected. Time-consuming catalogue searches for the drive, motor and accessories are eliminated by the automatically generated parts list, complete with order numbers. And the clear display of the results, corresponding to the parameters entered, ensures complete transparency.

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