Solid-state flow switch incorporates alarms and display

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Roxspur Measurement and Control is introducing a new solid-state flow switch, the UQS7, which features an adjustable dual-flow alarm and an additional digital flow rate indicator.

Suitable for monitoring any aqueous liquid flow, the unit uses a microprocessor-based ultrasonic time-of-flight measurement technique, hence does not restrict the flow, and there are no moving parts to fail or block the pipe.

With an operational flow range covering a 250:1 span, models are available with brass flow tubes suitable for installation using 0.75, 1, 1.25 or 2inch male standard threads.

The directly-mounted IP65 electronics provide a four-digit LED display of flow rate, plus green LED indicators to show the switch output state and a yellow LED fault indicator. Powered by any DC supply between 15 and 32V, the solid-state switch outputs are capable of driving a 500mA load: an optional 4-20mA analogue output of the flow rate is also available, with the 20mA adjustable to represent a flow between 25 and 100 per cent of the maximum flow range. The simple keypad allows adjustments to be made to the switching set-points, deadband and response delay time, and can be locked after installation.

RM&C's UQS7 offers a 2.5 per cent accuracy measurement on aqueous flows between -10 and +70degC, with the standard unit operating at up to 25bar pressure. The unit is immediately applicable to flow monitoring systems on most cooling and heating circuits, offering two stages of flow alarm. The dual alarm output allows a low flow warning signal and then a flow failure alarm, for use in protecting equipment with cooling or lubrication flow systems.

Excellent for machine builders and OEM skids, the unit is fully configurable, and the local flow rate display allows easy set-up adjustment and water flow system troubleshooting. The IP65 rating is ensured by using the optional plug for signal and power connection, enabling simple on site electrical installation.

03 January 2008

Roxspur Measurement & Control Ltdvisit website
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