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Hylec-APL is introducing Kingbright's range of super-bright, high-power LEDs, aimed at OEMs looking to employ the low power consumption and high reliability of solid-state lighting provided by LEDs, but with very high luminosity. Suitable for illumination in safety and signalling applications as well as space lighting from a compact source, the units are designed to be PCB-mounted and are available in a range of colours.

Kingbright's X-Power high-current LEDs are supplied either as single SMD LEDs or pre-mounted on a star-shaped PCB. Red, green, blue and yellow are available up to 1W; red and yellow are available up to 2W and blue in 3 and 5W variations. An RGB version is also available.

All colour variations feature high luminous intensity (up to 11 Iv (cd) @ 350mA) and allow for high current drive at low voltage. They also feature low thermal resistance and ESD protection up to 8000V. The LEDs are lead-free and RoHS compliant. However, due to the high-output substrate used they are not suitable for reflow soldering.

Potential applications requiring solid-state reliability and high performance include traffic signalling, backlighting for signs and advertising, flashlights, signal and marker lighting, and emergency lighting. The units have an operating temperature range of -40 to +85degC and some moisture protection (level of 2a), so are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

Commercial and residential architectural lighting is also a potential area of application, as the low power consumption makes them highly energy-efficient when compared to more conventional filament bulb lighting. This type of LED is also moving on in automotive applications use - for example, as red rear brake lights.

Individual SMD LEDs are available on tape and reel, while PCB-mounted items are available as individuals. Hylec-APL provides free impartial advice and Kingbright product samples to help ensure the right product is specified every time. For more information and to see more of there products, visit

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