Trapped-key voltage switching units help to cut downtime

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Fortress Interlocks is extending its range of mGard trapped key safety interlocks by introducing a range of voltage switching units that prevent the removal of a gate access key while a machine is in motion.

Voltages on a machine are generated even if the power has been switched off and the machine is in its run-down cycle. The VS units from Fortress monitor the voltage on the windings of the machine's motor, in addition to any shorts or open circuits, and grant access only when it is safe to do so.

The benefit of such an operation is the significant time savings that could be made by reducing machine downtime to an absolute minimum while providing maximum safety; such a process is far more efficient than an alternative fixed timer system, particularly if the machine has a variable run-down period.

Once released, the access key can be used on a range of complementary products in the mGard range to open a single door or release multiple keys for larger installations. The mGard range consists of robust modular units that control access to enclosed areas. Available in one- to ten-module versions, Fortress offers a patented sequencing system with up to 39,000 different sequences in a ten-module arrangement. The flexibility of the mGard modular units means that a huge variety of applications can be catered for. Tested to over 1,000,000 operations, they require minimal maintenance.

14 January 2008

Fortress Interlocks Ltdvisit website
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