New source for AMP's BLuAC5 intelligent servo drives

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New source for AMP's BLuAC5 intelligent servo drivesMclennan is launching a new range of intelligent servo drives from California-based Applied Motion Products Inc. The packaged BLuAC5 range includes a PWM drive stage with a rating of 5A continuous/15A peak and direct-on-line 90-265V AC input. It may be configured for linear or rotary sinusoidal and trapezoidal commutated brushless servo motors with tuning made very straightforward with AMP’s Quick Tuner software, which features a built-in digital oscilloscope. The powerful DSP-based drive stage may be programmed for torque, velocity, positioning, and programmable (standalone) modes.

With full application flexibility in mind, the drive can be supplied with a choice of three integrated controllers from simple +/-10V or pulse-and-direction operation through to sophisticated graphical point-and-click multi-axis motion programming.

These three options, namely -S, -Si and -Q, are fully compatible with AMP’s advanced stepper motor controls and may be freely mixed in multi-axis systems for complete cost and performance optimisation. The basic -S version allows analogue +/-10V DC control in torque or velocity modes as well as digital pulse and direction, CW/CCW or A/B encoder following " all with programmable electronic gearing capability. The "S version also allows ‘host’ control from a PC or PLC using AMP’s SCL programming language.

For more sophisticated control the -Si (Simple Indexer) version allows pre-programmed standalone operation using AMP’s Si Programmer Windows-based point-and-click graphical software - a user-friendly, icon-based programming environment for users of all levels. This multitasking programming environment ensures fast set-up and machine interfacing. As well as motion commands, I/O, conditional branching, alarms, and operator interfacing are also provided, along with comprehensive troubleshooting support.

The -Q controller version uses an on-board motion controller based upon AMP’s high-level Q programming language that stores complete multitasked motion and machine control sequences. The "Q can handle conditional processing, maths functions and register manipulation for complex move sequencing and electronic gearing applications.

Configuration software

Multi-axis host control or standalone control is made extremely simple with AMP’s SiNET Hub and Si programmer software, which allows up to four or eight -S, -Q, or -Si drives to be configured, sequenced and networked with a PC, PLC or HMI in host or standalone modes.

The compact BLuAC5 intelligent drive is packaged in a robust panel-mounted metal housing and is fully CE certified. I/O complement is model dependant " the BLuAC5-Si includes four dedicated inputs for Limits and Jog plus 11 general-purpose inputs with three dedicated outputs for Alarm, Brake and Motion, and four general-purpose outputs. An isolated 24V DC user power supply and a 24V DC keep-alive input are also included.

Interconnection is made easy with screw terminal connectors for AC power, motor power and RS422/485 with Sub-D connectors for motor feedback and I/O.

The BLu range also includes board-level and packaged intelligent servo drives with 24-48V DC power supply options with the same choice of integrated controls from simple +/-10V or pulse-and-direction operation through to sophisticated graphical point-and-click motion programming. Mclennan stocks and supplies a wide range of servo motors to complement the BLu and other servo drive ranges.

20 February 2008

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