Easier installation of parallel Utilitrak linear guides

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Easier installation of parallel Utilitrak linear guidesHepcoMotion is introducing standard bridge connection components for joining parallel Utilitrak guides in a variety of production applications where smooth, high-speed motion is required.

Utilitrak linear guides feature a narrow, compact profile with one slide using DualVee guide wheels and the other using MadeWell crowned rollers. The Utilitrak design compensates for out-of-true mounting surfaces in a simple, quick and cost-effective way. The DualVee guide wheel carriage assembly and vee channel side serves as the motion guide, while the crowned roller and open channel side allows for misalignment.

The new bridge connections further simplify assembly by joining the two slides and providing a stable mounting assembly. These connections are available in steel or aluminium. The steel version may be specified in a variety of widths with mounting holes to suit the application. Its aluminium counterpart is an industry-standard profile extrusion with T-slots for ease of mounting.

Utilitrak is offered in two basic series. The first - SW - has steel guide wheels running on a hardened bearing steel channel and is designed to transport high loads smoothly. For lighter-duty applications where highly smooth operation is not critical, the PW Series is recommended. This economical version has polymer guide wheels running on an anodised aluminium channel. A third option, the stainless steel composite Utilitrak, is for applications that call for high load capacity and corrosion resistance.

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