LinearChain pushes loads as well as pulling

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LinearChain pushes loads as well as pullingRA Rodriguez is now supplying the Framo Morat LinearChain Actuation Device that features precision chain links that can push heavy loads as well as pull. A special profile, with interlocking fingers at one end, enables the chain to roll up for efficient storage in one direction and form a rigid thrust device in the other.

For storage, the chain is wound into a spiral in a compact, narrow chamber, making LinearChain suitable for applications calling for long strokes where space is at a premium. The device provides high positioning accuracy, constant stroke speed and shock-free motion with no elastic hysteresis under load. It is designed for a long operational life and minimal maintenance.

LinearChain is available in three basic sizes for stroke lengths of up to 5m and a maximum push force of up to 35,000N. Compact drive units for the chain and storage magazines are readily available for all chain sizes from Framo Morat’s UK distributor, R. A. Rodriguez.

Applications for LinearChain are wide-ranging but in Europe the product is already being extensively used in pallet and materials handling and in heavy-duty loading/unloading systems. Naturally it can be used in combination with other Framo Morat products such as the Compacta slip-on geared motor in applications such as robust lifting table systems.

Follow the link for more information about the Framo Morat LinearChain from R. A. Rodriguez.

19 February 2008

R.A. Rodriguez (UK) Ltdvisit website
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