Motor and drive provide simple speed control

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Designed as a partnered pair, the MiniMotor MCR gearmotors and RM220E drive provide a simple way to implement a speed-controlled single-phase motor. Available from OEM Automatic, the motor and drive offer the following benefits:

  • Aesthetically pleasing and compact, low-noise worm gear motor
  • Full ball and roller bearing support for rotating parts
  • Hardened steel worm and bronze wheel with hardened rim
  • ISO 9001, CCSAus and CE approved
  • Hollow output shaft " stainless steel optional
  • Motor has built-in tachometer for drive feedback
  • Speed held constant under varying load
  • Single potentiometer with four independent trimmers for speed control
  • Adjustable start/stop ramps, response time and maximum speed
  • Continuously rated
  • 9Nm maximum output torque
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