Fortress Interlocks adds key interlock modules to eGard

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Fortress Interlocks is introducing safety key lock modules to its AS-interface compatible eGard product range. This enables the combination of any machine controls with safety controls on hazardous machinery and equipment, thereby providing a complete access control system.

By including the safety key modules in an eGard configuration, workers that access hazardous areas can be additionally protected against being locked in the area or the machine restarting. Turning and taking the safety key means it is not possible to lock the door and restart the machine until the key is inserted into the eGard safety key module on the same unit. This also means that the removal of a key is also restricted to personnel who have permission to do so.

As a compact system, the eGard can combine trapped key interlocking with electrical and control functions and integrate them into one unit. Configurations with electrical components can be connected to conventional wiring or AS-interface installations by simply swapping the connector module. The AS-interface base can be used in combination with all separate eGard modules and has two addresses, one for connecting the safety circuits and one for connecting the control inputs and outputs. As eGard contains dual safety circuits and quick-disconnect technology, the system significantly reduces cabling costs compared to hardwiring.

The modules can be arranged in almost any combination and can be added or removed easily. International standards-compliant, eGard is designed for light- to medium-duty category 4 (EN 954-1) applications.

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