Efector Dualis object sensors are easier to integrate

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IFM Electronic claims that the success of the Efector Dualis object sensor shows that there is a market for sorting, inspection and error-proofing sensors at a fraction of the cost of a complex vision system. To build on this, the company is launching new versions of the Efector Dualis object sensor that make it easier to integrate the units into a wider variety of applications.

The first version is optically the same as the original, but features NPN outputs in contrast to the original PNP, thereby extending the compatibility of Dualis to more control systems.

A second version has a greater focal length and can be compared to a telephoto lens. If space does not permit the sensor to be mounted close to the object but the detail is quite fine, then this O2D224 sensor would be suitable.

Accessories for the Dualis, such as lens covers to protect the lens from damage or to distribute the light more evenly, are now also available.

Dualis is excellent for checking the presence of a known object that has not got an exact position. It also ensures that the object is facing in the right direction and that it is complete. Dualis provides low-cost camera performance and is easy to use.

It is a standalone unit with integrated lighting and is constructed in a rugged diecast housing with IP67 for use over a temperature range of –10 to +60degC.

The detection algorithm is claimed to be one of the most advanced industrial evaluation algorithms currently available. The contour detection and verification is robust and fast at up to 20Hz. Dualis itself will store many different settings in its own internal memory. A choice of functions is also available on the outputs.

The Dualis operating concept is simple: the menu-driven PC setting via Ethernet makes it a quick task to set up the application. With error image memory and stored evaluation data, the interface also provides a useful diagnostic resource.

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