Triple-vane hydraulic pump is compact and quiet

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Triple-vane hydraulic pump is compact and quietParker Hannifin is adding a new triple-vane hydraulic pump to its extensive range of hydraulic equipment. Designed to offer high performance and a long, low-maintenance service life, the new pump is particularly suitable for use in industrial applications and other environments where space is limited.

Designated the T7EEC, the new pump offers high-pressure ratings of up to 275bar and total displacement of up to 554ml/rev. The low-noise pump incorporates a single-piece shaft, enabling it to transmit internally cumulative torque without any restrictions for maximum operational efficiency.

As with all Parker multi-stage vane pumps, the new triple-vane pump features a single suction port, allowing fast and simple connection to external piping. The innovative pump design also allows greater flexibility in positioning of both suction pipe and pressure ports, with 90-degree intervals to make installation simple where space is limited. The broad selection of displacements allows for up to 1200 possible configurations, all with the same external pump dimensions.

Wide operating parameters

The new pump is able to accommodate a wide range of hydraulic oil viscosities, permitting colder starts and hotter running, while the carefully balanced design of internal components automatically compensates for factors such as wear and temperature changes. In addition, at high viscosities or cold temperatures, the internal configuration of each pump ensures that crucial areas such as the gap between rotor and side plates remains fully lubricated at all times to enhance performance and operating life still further.

This hydraulic vane pump has been developed for a wide range of applications, with is excellent power-to-weight ratio and compact dimensions making it suitable for use in industrial and marine market sectors.

Parker vane pumps are fully supported by the company’s worldwide network of manufacturing and customer support centres, with local technical knowledge and spare parts being readily available.

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