Solid-state level sensor is compact, low-cost and rugged

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Gems Sensors & Controls is launching a new miniature, low-cost electro-optic level sensor, the ELS-950. The compact size, durability, high-temperature capability and low cost make the ELS-950 suitable for monitoring coolants, lubricants, hydraulic fluids and overflow reservoirs in industries as diverse as off-highway vehicles, medicine, oil and gas, water, HVAC, marine, transport, food and beverage.

The ELS-950 utilises the technology of the ELS-900 series and has been developed to provide an excellent price-to-performance ratio for OEMs demanding a small, solid-state sensor that is durable enough to handle rugged applications. Features such as over-moulded electronics, TPE insulated wires, and fluorosilicone O-ring seals create a watertight, environmentally resistant assembly for use in harsh environments. Housing options include polysulfone or polyethersulfone to provide compatibility with a broad range of fluids.

Operating over a temperature range of -40 to +110degC, the ELS-950 sensors offer +/-1mm repeatability. Solid-state switching means that there are no moving parts, ensuring reliability and a long service life. Installation is simple and quick through the top, bottom or side of the reservoir.

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