Solid-state PXI switching module handles higher currents

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Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of PXI solid-state switching products with the introduction of the 40-500 matrix module. The 40-500 is a 64 x 4 solid-state switching matrix with the capability of hot-switching voltages up to 60V. The 40-500 can sustain inrush currents of 1.5A for 100ms and continuously carry 0.5A on each cross-point switch.

The Y axis of the matrix is designed to support 3A continuous current, enabling each Y axis to be connected to multiple X connections carrying high currents on each cross-point. The 40-500 is suitable for handling AC or DC signals and occupies one 3U PXI slot. It uses a robust 78-way D Type connector for user connections.

Use of solid-state switching ensures a very long service life, potentially infinite operations, even when hot-switching large voltages and currents including those with high inrush currents because of capacitive loading of the signal path - a condition that can lead to early failures in mechanical relays.

Applications include power supply routing in test systems and the routing of high-current signals where the test system requires frequent hot-switching events.

The 40-500 can be supported in any PXI chassis or in an LXI environment using Pickering Interfaces 60-100A Modular Switching Chassis.

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