Compact connectors suit industrial instrumentation

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Compact connectors suit industrial instrumentationITT Interconnect Solutions is launching a connector system featuring an overall outer diameter of less than 11mm that will fit through small-diameter tubing and holes while providing secure and reliable mating. Benefiting from ITT Interconnect Solutions' closed socket entry Mini Sure Seal contact system, the new APM series connectors provide quick and easy handling for industrial instrumentation and commercial vehicle applications (eg CANbus).

APM series connectors feature up to four crimp contacts (up 0.75mm2 cross-section) and incorporate a plug, receptacle and separate inserts for secure contact secondary locking, ensuring excellent contact pin-to-socket alignment. Positive mating and locking is supported by an audible click that indicates that mating has been successful.

Designed for a wide variety of industrial and automotive applications (eg vehicle lighting clusters and anti-lock brake systems), APM series connectors feature no sharp edges, making them suitable to pass through cabin channels. The devices are suitable for voltages of up to 24V DC and feature a maximum current rating of 5A. Contact resistance is less than 10mohm, while insulation resistance is in excess of 1000Mohm. The components offer IP54 protection (and higher upon request) and are designed for an operating temperature range from -40 to +105degC. Simple extraction and assembly tools that are fully compatible with APM series connectors are available from ITT Interconnect Solutions.

Upon customer request, ITT Interconnect Solutions can offer modifications of APM series connectors according to specific application requirements, various different pin-counts, other connector families and to cover from mA up to several 100A.

23 April 2008

ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS)visit website
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