Pressure sensors suit pump diagnostic applications

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IFM Electronic is launching a new line of pump diagnostic pressure sensors that detect potential pump damage caused by cavitation, trapped air or gas, blockages and deposits. The PIM series pressure sensor can perform two functions in one compact housing: pump monitoring and pressure detection. The sensor continuously monitors a pump to provide numeric indication of the operating system pressure and offers independent diagnosis of the pump’s condition.

Operating as a pump diagnostic sensor, the PIM sensor measures the high-frequency pulsation of a properly operating pump and stores it as a reference. If changes occur in the system, the pulsations will change. These changes are immediately detected by the sensor. If a critical pump condition such as cavitation occurs, the sensor provides an alarm signal. IFM's condition-based pump monitoring sensor increases machine uptime and reduces damage caused by poor pump operating conditions. In addition to monitoring a pump, any disturbances around the pump such as trapped air in the medium, clogged filters, deposits in pipes or improperly opened valves are also monitored.

Thanks to the numeric pushbutton display, the sensor and its teach function are quickly set up. The sensor’s display alternately provides the numeric system pressure and the operating state of the pump via a trend display that graphically depicts the operating state of the pump.

The sensor’s second output can be configured as a switching output with hysteresis or window function or as a scalable analogue output. Due to the high overload resistance of the ceramic capacitive measuring cell, the sensor is especially suited for switch-off in case of overpressure. FDT programming software enables the display of the measured values, analogue output, limit values and the parameter setting of the thresholds for diagnosis.

Made of stainless steel, the PIM pressure sensor is designed for sanitary applications and uses a variety of sanitary adapters for a secure fitting in washdown, CIP and SIP conditions. The sensor is 3A-authorised and meets FDA and EHEDG requirements. A variety of M12 cable assemblies designed specifically for washdown conditions are available from IFM.

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