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Weidmüller is extending its already comprehensive programme of tools by adding a high-quality range of precision ESD (electrostatic discharge) pliers. The range consists of ESD diagonal cutters with oval or tapered head, ESD oblique cutters, ESD flat-nose pliers and ESD snipe-nose pliers. All pliers are designed with SSD (static-sensitive device)/ESD-safe, two-coloured, two-component plastic grips. The material used for the handle grips fulfils all requirements for hand tools in relation to SSD protection. All of Weidmüller's ESD pliers have ESD clearly printed on them. The ESD pliers have been designed and constructed for working with electronics and tasks in precision mechanics. The 120mm long ESD pliers are available individually or as a four-piece set consisting of the diagonal cutters with tapered head, oblique cutters, flat-nose pliers and snipe-nose pliers. ESD pliers are not suitable for working on live components or energised sub-assemblies.

Working with ESD pliers is the only way to guarantee that sensitive electronics will not be destroyed and ensure that the relevant standards and regulations are adhered to (IEC TR 61 340-5, DIN EN 61 340-5, SP Method 2472).

Thanks to their compact dimensions, Weidmüller's ESD electronics pliers are particularly suitable for working on electronics components. A spring mechanism for opening the pliers allows delicately skilful – as well as single-handed and fast – working. They are suitable for use in small- and medium-batch series production work as well as for testing and repairing tasks.

The handles of Weidmüller's ESD pliers have two-component plastic grips. The stable core of the handles is combined with a wide, soft and slip-resistant gripping surface. The ergonomic design of the handles ensures that working is essentially fatigue-free. The force is transferred to a large contact surface allowing the pressure to be distributed accordingly. The pliers themselves have a highly polished steel surface. Tried and tested, their microscopically fine steel surface is distinguished by a safe, environmentally-friendly finish. There is no possibility of flaking chrome endangering circuits or sensitive components.

All of Weidmüller's ESD diagonal cutters are designed to meet the highest cutting demands. The range covers a wide range of applications.

Electronic ESD diagonal cutters with oval head

  • hard wire (spring wire/steel nails): dia 0.4mm/26AWG
  • medium-hard wire (iron/nails): dia 1.0mm/18AWG
  • soft wire (copper/aluminium): dia 1.5mm/15 AWG

Electronic ESD diagonal cutters with tapered head

  • medium-hard wire (iron/nails): dia 0.8mm/20AWG
  • soft wire (copper/aluminium): dia 1.5mm/15AWG

Electronic ESD oblique cutters

  • hard wire (spring wire/steel nails): dia 0.6mm/22AWG
  • medium-hard wire (iron/nails): dia 1.0mm/18AWG
  • soft wire (copper/aluminium): dia 1.2mm/16AWG
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