Weidmüller releases third-generation PrintJet PRO

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Weidmüller’s PrintJet PRO is now in its third-generation form, offering fast, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly printing of plastic markers in MultiCard format.

The PrintJet PRO provides 'crystal clear' and durable marker prints for devices, cables and connectors. Precise identification markings not only make servicing and maintenance work easier, but they also facilitate rapid troubleshooting. The black or single-colour prints are accomplished using water-based environmentally friendly ink. That means empty print cartridges do not have to be disposed of as special waste. Print type and print quality are clear, as well as resistant to environmental influences.

Weidmüller says the printer technology utilised in the PrintJet PRO has been specially adapted to withstand the demands of industrial environments – a fact that applies to the ink-jet process, the subsequent fusing as well as the printer cartridges and ink used in the printer. Designed-in quality that ensures continuous-use capability is another distinguishing feature of this printer.

The ink-jet process utilised in the PrintJet PRO is a reliable and proven printing technology – including in industrial production applications. The printing system for plastic markers works on the basis of thermally hardening ink (four-colour ink cartridges). The PrintJet PRO has been designed as a black-ink or single-colour printer capable of rapid printing speeds. And thanks to the water-based ink, empty cartridges do not need to be disposed of as special waste.

After the thermal fusing process is complete the user is presented with a high-quality, 'crystal clear' printed label that is wipe- and scratch-proof. Furthermore, contrary to other printing processes, Weidmüller’s thermal fusing process does not emit environmentally polluting ozone.

4000 markers

The loader integrated in the printer can hold up to 20 MultiCards, so up to 4000 individual markers can be printed. Thanks to Weidmüller’s Windows-based printer software M-Print PRO, the PrintJet PRO is not only easy to operate but it can also be individually attuned to meet user requirements. Flush-mounted in the top surface of the printer is a display that can be rotated through 180degrees. This ensures the printer can be operated conveniently and precisely.

Each printer is equipped with a USB port and a LAN port as well as a connection for 230V or 115V AC. The printer itself is suitable for office or workshop conditions at temperatures between 20-35degC. The dimensions (l x w x h) are 1060 x 500 x 310mm.

Plastic MultiCard markers are described as reliable and crystal clear for marking electrical equipment. The M-Print Pro software ensures that the printed information is precisely positioned on the respective marker.

MultiCards are available with or without a project marker surface. MultiCard strips with project marker surfaces can be specifically and precisely allocated to individual projects. The project marker surface of these cards has been generously dimensioned to provide users with enough space to add consecutive project numbers, installation location and the system designation. That means a central workstation is sufficient to print large jobs required for marking tasks. MultiCard marking offers users more than 150 variants for marking terminals, cables, conductors and equipment. All of these variants can be printed using M-Print Pro. The markers are halogen free, so they are suitable for use in demanding applications where the risk of fire must always be taken into consideration, for example in transportation and building technology.

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