Versatile gearboxes help to save space and cost

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SEW-Eurodrive says its new X series industrial gears are nearly unrivalled with its fine size graduation that covers the medium torque range from 58-175kNm (43,000 to 129,000 ft-lb). Reduction ratios of between 6 and 400 are available via two-, three- and four-stage designs.

In addition, a large number of predefined accessories offers a high degree of versatility for adapting the gearboxes to a broad range of applications – with a minimum of components.

Advantages offered by the X series of helical and helical-bevel gearboxes include an extremely robust housing, reduced weight and cost (due to the high power density and wide range of sizes), effective cooling, versatile mounting options (foot-, flange- or shaft-mounted, horizontally or vertically).

The high-endurance helical and bevel gearing is case-hardened and ground and meets the highest quality standards. It ensures a high load-bearing capacity and low noise as well as longitudinal and width compensation. All of the high-capacity bearings are supplied by renowned manufacturers and designed for a long service life.

Gear units are available with a reinforced output shaft bearing as optional component; positive shaft-hub connections or integrated pinion shafts ensure unlimited use of the gear units for hoist applications.

In addition to the standard sealing system, consisting of one or two oil seals with or without bushing, SEW Eurodrive offers a dust-proof system as well as a radial labyrinth sealing system to meet different degrees of contamination.

Complete drive packages

Preconfigured drive packages for conveyor belt drives and bucket conveyors - consisting of bevel-helical gear units, auxiliary drive, motor swing base, turbo coupling and AC motor - complete the application-specific gear unit programme.

SEW Eurodrive says it has designed an innovative 'advanced fan' for the input shaft of conveyor belt drives; this ensures cooling of the gear unit even when the flow of cooling air is restricted - as it can be when fluid couplings, brake discs or v-belt pulleys are used.

Customers often have to stock left and right gear units or use input and output shafts at both ends. However, the X series gear units feature a housing with a symmetrical axis that enables the gear unit to be reversed.

Gear units with a shaft-end pump can be designed as a complete unit (including the filter and monitoring) without the need for external pipes. This results in reduced chances for leakage, fewer interference edges for the customer's machine, as well as robustness during transport and maintenance.

Customers can select gear units from the X series using the proven project planning programs from SEW-Eurodrive, including 2D and 3D CAD drawings. The extensive documentation is completed by individual operating instructions, customised for every order.

The X series gear units are currently available in eight sizes manufactured and assembled exclusively by SEW-Eurodrive. However, the company is planning to add more sizes in the years to come to cover a rated torque range of a few thousand to several hundred-thousand Newton-metres, with a very finely graduated sizing scale. To complement the gear units, a backstop with high locking torque can be specified to lock the rotation of the motor in one direction instead of a brake. The C1 profile of the overhead trolley systems can now be operated with four-pole, 1.1kW drives. Sensors for temperature detection of the motor winding make for high efficiency in inverter-driven applications.

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