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In measurement and control systems there is often a multitude of lines that need protection from surge voltages. With Trabtech surge protection technology and the extensive Plugtrab PT product family from Phoenix Contact, this is claimed to be easy. Furthermore, a new selection tool is now available, which also describes the different Plugtrab PT units and their application.

The Plugtrab PT is a pluggable two-part surge protection device for safely protecting power lines, signals and data lines. Within a width of only 17.5mm, protection from surge voltages can be provided for up to five signal lines, two double wires or a four-conductor measurement cable. This provides easy assembly within the control cabinet and, therefore, reduced installation costs.

Another advantage is the way Plugtrab PT products can be plugged together. Thanks to this feature, replacing faulty plugs is inexpensive. Even the servicing is considerably simplified. For example, isolation measurements are possible without disconnection or influencing the signals. The plug guide on the base elements ensures safe plugging in and contacting, and the plug coding offers high installation safety.

With Plugtrab PT, customers can choose between direct and indirect ground connection of the shield potential. The different base elements make this possible. For the types PT..+F-BE, the shield potential is indirectly grounded via a gas discharge arrester. Alternatively, direct grounding is possible using the DIN rail. With the optionally available shield fast connection, it is quick and easy to attach the shield to the corresponding screw terminal block.

The Plugtrab PT/FM offers intelligent MCR protective circuit with a built-in self-diagnosis unit that monitors the protective circuit. The status is displayed directly on the protection module and can be transmitted to a central control room.

In summary, the advantages are:

  • Space-saving installation
  • Surge protection of up to five signal lines in one slim unit
  • Easy to retrofit in existing installations
  • Saves installation costs
  • Service without disconnection
  • Safe insertion and contacting
  • Plug guide in base element
  • Integrated coding pins
  • Self-coding when plugged in
  • Reliable installation
  • Economical replacement in the event of servicing
  • Testing of all plugs with the Checkmaster

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