Anti-cage creep bearing copes with accelerations of 30 'g'

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Micromech is introducing PM's latest anti-cage creep linear bearing, the KRE-ACC, which is claimed to benefit from a much-improved design. The KRE cage features cleverly engineered plastics and special moulding technology, resulting in a high-density roller cage with reduced friction and extremely low noise. This state-of-the-art technology boosts bearing life and performance at an increased load capacity of over 25 per cent and can handle accelerations in excess of 30 'g'.

Not only is the new bearing UHV-compatible, but it is also a drop-in replacement for the standard version. Furthermore, due to its ultra-strong design, it can be mounted in any orientation. According to Micromech, the novel construction of the KRE also means overall cost savings can be made.

Anti-cage creep systems are typically used for applications requiring very high, unbalanced rates of acceleration or vertical applications that, due to a tendency for the cage to creep to one end of the bearing, cause extra noise and a reduction in bearing life.

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