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HepcoMotion offers more options for heavy-duty linear guideHepcoMotion's new HDS2 Heavy Duty Slide System boats load capacities of up to 68kN. It has been engineered to be exceptionally rugged for increased load and life requirements. It therefore addresses new markets in heavy materials handling that involve much larger X-Z gantry systems.

The HDS2 retains the best features of its forerunner and incorporates them in a considerably expanded range. However, the HDS2 is technically superior to the original Heavy Duty range. An important aspect of this is the introduction of specific components that reduce the engineering time required by the customer to get the system up and running.

These components include larger bearings with increased load capacity, three sizes of construction beam, single-edge V slides and flat tracks, as well as a range of drive options. All of this, with an option for stainless steel or corrosion-resistant components as standard, enables the HDS2 range to satisfy most high-load application needs.

HDS2 systems can be supplied in component form or as ready-mounted assemblies complete with rack-driven carriages. Customers can also choose from low-cost commercial slides for general use or high-precision ground slides for applications where superior accuracy and greater smoothness are prerequisites.

Slides and tracks are available in single-piece constructions up to 4m long, which, in itself, saves on assembly time. They are supplied in single- or double-edge format both as V slides or flat tracks. The V slides have a simple alignment facility to achieve parallelism and the flat tracks overcome the need to align two slides perfectly parallel.

Choice of drive gears

Greater driving forces for heavier loads are achieved through a range of spur or helical rack-and-pinion options. The helical racks are suitable for applications that require a smoother transition of the driving force and consequently are quieter. The engineering package is complemented by a range of rack-driven carriages, complete with automatic lubrication facility, with helical bevel gearboxes that can be driven by AC or servo motors.

For maximum design flexibility, versatile construction beams with multiple slide and track mounting options are a feature of the HDS2 range. In line with the new larger slides, the HDS2 programme includes a larger aluminium beam that eliminates the need for the customer to machine a steel structure. Also available is a compact version of the beam that is useful where space is at a premium. Alternatively, it can be used to create a high-capacity lifting Z axis. Where customers need the extra rigidity offered by a steel beam, all slides can simply be fitted and aligned using the keyway option with dowel pins. There is also the option of mounting directly to HepcoMotion standard backplates, again using the alignment facility.

HDS2 also includes an increased range of bearing sizes. New introductions include a 150mm diameter vee bearing and a 144mm diameter roller incorporating high-capacity taper bearings. Maximum bearing capacity is now 50kN, which is a substantial increase on the previous 20kN limit, and all bearing options are available in stainless steel. All bearings are offered in removable format so, in the unlikely event of bearing failure, they can be replaced without the need to remove the carriage from the system.

In addition to providing higher load capacity, the double-row bearings are exceptionally tolerant of debris. Low-friction cap wipers expel dirt in harsh environments and provide automatic lubrication to provide a long service life. A removable cover provides for easy system adjustment without disassembly. Lubricators also offer an alternative method of lubrication and can be applied to both bearings and slides. They will be a lower cost option where conditions are not hostile.

Chris Rees, HepcoMotion's sales director, comments: “HDS2 really provides an exceptionally flexible programme for arduous applications. The additions to the range will enhance its performance and will provide customers with far more application possibilities.”

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