New piston air motors feature cleaner exterior

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Huco Dynatork is launching new models in its range of piston air motors for low-speed stop/start applications under load. This type of motor is popular for operation in hazardous or sensitive environments such as hydrocarbon engineering, paint manufacture, paper conversion, woodworking and food processing.

The latest generation of piston air motors reflect the improved technical capability of what is claimed to be the only air motor capable of precision position control. On the original design the pneumatic tubing was external to the housing and made the product vulnerable in some applications. It also made it more sensitive to temperature extremes, though this problem could be overcome by the specification of copper tubing.

On the new models the pneumatic tubing is internal, making the motors far more robust. Huco Dynatork has also recessed the fasteners to reduce potential bug traps to the benefit of hygiene-conscious sectors. Because of their exceptionally clean operation, suitability for use with non-lube air supplies, and their corrosion resistance, these air motors are excellent for use in food and pharmaceutical production environments. This latest development reinforces this suitability.

The indexing and positioning operations common in these sectors are particularly well served by a Huco Dynatork piston air motor. According to Huco Dynatork, alternative makes operate with a system of metal pistons and connecting rods that are unable to provide instant stop/start. Not only is controllability compromised, but so too is service life, as these parts can wear.

Low wear, fine control

In contrast, the floating piston design of the Huco Dynatork air motor transmits the maximum torque on start-up, which can be adjusted to fine limits by standard air-flow valves. Pulse counters can be specified to allow programming of direction of rotation, speed and number of revolutions, and even fractions of a revolution. This means the motors can provide near-instant stop/start/reversal and drive under load with characteristics similar to those of a stepper motor.

These qualities are complemented by air consumption only a fraction of that used by vane motor designs, thereby providing significant cost savings even at maximum torque.

In common with their predecessors the new Huco Dynatork air motors are available with maximum torques up to 16Nm (or 550Nm with gearbox). Models are available in aluminium or acetal and may be specified with a choice of motors and gearboxes or lead screws. A further new introduction is a controller available in two sizes to suit the motor.

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29 April 2008

Huco (Altra Industrial Motion)visit website
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