Miniature magnetic sensor consumes minimal power

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Miniature magnetic sensor consumes minimal powerRhopoint is introducing the ADL0xx-14E series magnetic sensors that measure just just 1.1 x 1.1 x 0.4mm. These are giant magnetoresistive (GMR) digital switch devices that are designed to run at low voltages and extremely low currents. They are manufactured using patented spintronic GMR technology for what is claimed to be unmatched miniaturisation, sensitivity, precision and low power consumption.

The output is configured as a magnetic 'switch' where the output turns on when the magnetic field is applied - and turns off when the magnetic field is removed. The IC is internally duty cycled at approximately 0.1 per cent to conserve power. An integrated latch ensures the output is available at all times. The IC is available in a new compact ULLGA leadless package.

Rhopoint says the ADL0xx-14E parts are suitable for battery-powered devices such as gas and water meters, portable instruments or applications where an extremely low-power device is required. The applied magnetic field can be of either polarity, and with applied voltages of 3.6V or less, power consumption is less than 1 microwatt. The magnetic operate point is extremely stable over supply voltage and temperature variations. The output is current-sinking, and can sink up to 100 microamps.

Each device consists of a 0.6 x 0.6mm die containing a GMR sensor element, CMOS signal processing circuitry to convert the analogue sensor element output to a digital output, and an oscillator and timing circuit for duty cycling. The plastic package is a lead-free, RoHS compliant ultra-small, ultra-low-profile surface-mount design for minimising board space. The ICs are also available in die form for extremely space-critical applications.

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