Ironless DC motors boast exceptional power-to-weight ratio

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Delta Line Europe is now supplying the Portescap 25GT range of ironless DC motors. In a market where power-to-size-to-weight ratios are becoming all-important, this product is claimed to set new boundaries.

Available in two lengths (44 and 54mm), the 25GST 82 and 25GT 82 motors benefit from what are claimed to be the most powerful magnets available on the market, designed into an optimised magnetic circuit.

Consequently the compact 25GST delivers a continuous 27W and a permanent torque of 32mNm; the 54mm long 25GT delivers 40W and a permanent torque of 43mNm.

The life of DC motors is always a subjective issue; however, these motors are fitted with the Rotafente commutation system, which is suitable for applications requiring high continuous and peak torques, where high current densities have to be commutated, resulting in longer motor life.

All motors are fitted with an industry-proven fibre-wrapped high-temperature coil, with preloaded ball bearings and a rugged stator structure; this enables the motors to have a very long working life in harsh environments, typically in ambient temperatures ranging from -30 to +125C.

Their mechanical time constants and power-to-weight ratios are also claimed to be market leaders, and are suitable for applications in the medical device, medical diagnostics equipment, textile machinery and automation equipment markets.

Delta Line Europe offers a complete range of front-end and rear-end options, which include customised gearboxes, spur and planetary gearboxes, brakes, encoders and an optional integrated RFI filter.

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