Reverse bayonet GT connectors suit rugged applications

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Reverse bayonet GT connectors suit rugged applicationsAmphenol Industrial Operations is introducing the Amphe-Power GT connector series, a 5015-style, reverse-bayonet coupling connector with audible, tactile and visual indicators of a secure attachment. The GT connectors have a resilient coupling cover for mechanical protection and a greater gripping surface for enhanced connection security in harsh environment applications.

Adaptable to the severe conditions encountered by wind power generation equipment, agricultural appliances, military and other equipment operating in exposed environments, the GT series features more than 12 different shell styles, high resistance to shock and vibration, and a rugged, IP67 construction. The reverse-bayonet coupling, via a quarter-turn mechanism, allows for at least 2000 quick and easy matings in the field, without special tools. The component's ease of installation, long lifespan and quick replacement maximise operational up-time.

Amphenol offers these RADSOK-based GT series connectors in an extensive range of options including: solder or crimp termination; gold- or silver-plated contacts; military or commercial finishes; neoprene or Viton inserts, as well as low-smoke/flame-retardant inserts; a diverse set of back-end fittings; aluminium or stainless steel components; and over 250 configurations. Amphe-Power GT connectors are also interchangeable with Veam-style connectors. The Neoprene and low-smoke/flame-retardant inserts have an operating temperature range of -55 to 125degC, while the Viton inserts can provide even greater adaptability for harsh working environments with their enhanced operating temperature range of -50 to more than 200degC.

The Amphe-Power GT connectors use Amphenol's patented RADSOK technology to provide up to 150 per cent more current capacity than connectors without this technology. The hyperbolic socket of the RADSOK contact provides a larger contact surface area for greater conductivity, low voltage drop and low temperature rise. The low voltage drop allows more capacity at higher temperatures and, together with the GT connector's broad operating temperature range, offers increased versatility in the field.

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