Rodless cylinders minimise air leakage and stiction

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Rodless cylinders minimise air leakage and stictionParker Hannifin is launching a new design of mechanically coupled rodless cylinder that is claimed to offer the potential to improve the performance and flexibility of pneumatic systems. In particular, the new P1T rodless cylinder is said to be the first of its type to eliminate almost entirely the problems of air leakage, while also providing exceptionally low levels of stiction and break-away force, giving excellent low- and high-speed characteristics for use in a wide range of applications.

Traditionally rodless cylinders have suffered from air leakage where the carriage or slide passes through the body of the cylinder; depending on the size and type of cylinder this loss can account for a significant proportion of air used, which increases energy consumption and operating noise. Now, however, Parker has reduced air losses to a minimum by means of an innovative twin-seal design. This is achieved with a longitudinal polyurethane body seal that lifts and passes through the body of the carriage as it moves, combined with a specially developed polyurethane piston seal that prevents air leakage from the inner face of the cylinder bore at the point where the piston and carriage connect.

In addition to eliminating the problems of air leakage, this innovative design helps to reduce levels of stiction and minimise break-away forces. In turn, this leads to far smoother operation, especially at start-up and at low operating speeds down to 2mm/sec, plus improved positional accuracy.

The new P1T rodless cylinder also incorporates a range of other features, including: precise, fine-thread needle-adjustable cushioning that can be set at any point between fully open and fully closed; porting from either end or single porting from one end in standard end-caps; plus a choice of high-load single or dual slide bearings.

Parker is offering the P1T rodless cylinders in bore sizes from 18-63mm and in stroke lengths of up to 6000mm; all configurations can be supplied in standard or compact versions and include slots within the profile of the body for position switches. Accessories include magnetic sensors with integrated LED indicators, mounting brackets and shock absorber mounting kits. Depending on the specification, the new P1T cylinders can be supplied within 24 hours of order.

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