Emergency engine air shut-off valve is ATEX approved

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AMOT is adding an electric 250mm (10inch) hazardous area Model 4261 emergency engine air shut-off valve to its standard SpeedTrap range, for protecting bigger diesel engines from the risk of dangerous and damaging runaways when they burn hydrocarbon vapours or other combustibles, even after their fuel source has been closed.

ATEX-approved to EX II 3 G EExn IIC T4, zone II, the valve is fully controlled by a custom electronic control module that prevents the solenoid from generating an excessive surface temperature.

The valve retains all the features of the standard Model 4261 but has also been mechanically modified to comply with ATEX. Solid-state sensing and control increase reliability and robustness, enabling easy interfacing to other controllers.

SpeedTrap valves can be used standalone or in complete runaway shutdown systems. They have a compact design with easy, low-cost installation and a remote reset facility for more flexible control. An O-ring seal ensures positive shutdown of the air supply to an engine as required for safety.

In operation, the control panel monitors the engine speed and sends a shutdown demand to the valve if it exceeds a set limit. A valve position feedback signal confirms valve actuation.

Originally designed to match the size and power of a 16V cylinder engine required for offshore power generation, the 250mm (10inch) diameter valve is suitable for oil field and on/offshore sites and a range of other demanding applications.

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