DFS60 incremental encoders are programmable and accurate

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DFS60 incremental encoders are programmable and accurateSick's new award-winning series of rugged, IP65, high-resolution DFS60 programmable incremental encoders is claimed to offer a unique combination of high accuracy, customer programmability and competitive prices.

Darren Pratt, Sick's Encoder Product Manager, states: "No matter how harsh the working environment, the DFS60 series delivers positional accuracy that enables precision process control, improving quality and reducing material waste.

"The DFS60 series starts at a very competitive list price of £100. For an encoder that delivers the highest levels of accuracy even in difficult environmental conditions and high vibration, that is at least 30 per cent less than anything comparable on the market.

"While the budget-level Eco model is factory specified, there is a DFS60 to meet every requirement. Some variants enable on-site customer programmability, with line counts up to 65,536, a zero pulse width of 90 to 270 electrical degrees and the output level of the signals TTL or HTL all fully programmable.

"This precision facility enables the encoders to be fine-tuned or re-programmed to meet application needs; there is nothing else like it available. Its versatility and reprogrammability means the DFS60 is ideal for machinery development and integration work on complex or bespoke systems. At the same time, this versatility enables it to be held as a replacement stock item for a wide number of applications, reducing spares stocking costs and ensuring machinery availability.

"A comprehensive range of application mountings can be realised by the 18 different mechanical designs, including different diameters of hollow and solid shafts; the DFS60 can be used virtually everywhere. It has just been introduced in the USA, where it won Product of the Year award from Plant Engineering."

Long-life bearing arrangement

Sick claims that a number of innovative design features make the DFS60 the leading encoder in its class. These include the positioning of the bearings, that are separated as widely apart as possible within the encoder body to achieve smooth and vibration-free running. This also increases the life expectancy of the encoder.

IP65 protection, a high shock resistance of 70 'g' and a wide operating temperature range ensure that high-precision speed and position indication are delivered even in harsh industrial environments.

The robustness of the DFS60 is due to the use of new pick-up technology that uses an innovative nickel code disc. This technology reproduces the accuracy of traditional glass code discs, but without their fragility. With an operating temperature range of -20 to +100degC, the nickel technology exceeds the physical capabilities of plastic discs, as well as achieving better resolutions.

Darren Pratt concludes: "The DFS60 has virtually universal applicability. It is an encoder for all budgets and all demands, creating a class of its own."

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