Application Note aids customisation of PCMCIA Express cards

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ITT Interconnect Solutions provides the expertise to help design engineers customise PCMCIA Express cards to meet their specific applications and requirements. Much of this expertise is now available in an Application Note. Responding to industry requirements for a higher pin count in a smaller size, the company recently expanded its Express card product offering with 26-pin edge card connectors and cover sets that meet the PCMCIA industry's demands for 34mm (ExpressCard/34) and 54mm (ExpressCard/54) wide modules.

The 26-pin connectors offer multiple offsets, snap-on and ultrasonic weld cover sets, customised end caps and extension boxes, host connectors, and single-slot ejectors. The stainless steel cover sets feature quick and easy assembly.

With a universal slot design and module formats measuring 5mm deep by just 75mm long, the connectors and cover sets enable both compact ExpressCard/34 and /54 cards to fit in the same aperture, thereby saving component count. RoHS compliant, the cards withstand up to 10,000 cover set mating cycles.

Applications include notebook/desktop computers, storage media, server-memory cards, wireless and wired communications, set-top boxes, handheld scanners, security ID and biometric devices.

22 August 2008

ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS)visit website
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