ACR9000 motion controllers feature Ethernet PowerLink

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ACR9000 motion controllers feature Ethernet PowerLinkParker Hannifin is adding two new models to its ACR9000 family of motion controllers, both of which feature Ethernet PowerLink communication. The new controllers are designed to increase system productivity while decreasing overall costs and installation time through the use of inexpensive and readily available Ethernet cabling for the interface between servo drive and motion controller.

The compact ACR9040 is capable of controlling 16 servo axes via Ethernet PowerLink, with interpolation of up to eight axes in any combination. The ACR9030 (pictured) offers the addition of up to eight axes of conventional command interfacing for the control of traditional servo and stepper axes. Both models generate position set-points that are sent to the servo drives via the Ethernet PowerLink network, providing tightly synchronised and co-ordinated multi-axis control that maximises system productivity.

Parker's ACR9000 platform features advanced motion control functions including high-speed registration, segmented cams, electronic gearing and a wide range of interpolation modes such as linear, circular, sinusoidal, helical, elliptical, spline/Nurbs and 3D arcs. Capable of multi-tasking up to 24 programs simultaneously, these controllers can act both as an Ethernet PowerLink Master and as an Ethernet gateway for maximum flexibility. Onboard CANopen ports enhance the capability of these controllers further, permitting integration with HMI panels and remote I/O expansion modules, while ACR-View front-end software provides easy-to-use tuning, configuration and diagnostic tools for fast and simple set-up.

About Ethernet PowerLink

Ethernet PowerLink (EPL) is a high-speed digital motion fieldbus network that enables the easy interconnection of PLCs, motion controllers, drives and I/O products from a variety of automation vendors. Utilising standard, well-proven industrial Ethernet network hardware, Ethernet PowerLink combines polling and time-slicing mechanisms to provide a real-time, deterministic communications channel via reliable, low-cost and easy-to-install hardware.

Parker Hannifin is a member of the Ethernet PowerLink Standardisation Group. This multi-vendor support for the standard ensures that a wide range of automation products are available for integration into automation systems using Ethernet PowerLink.

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