IQAN sensors enhance performance of mobile hydraulics

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IQAN sensors enhance performance of mobile hydraulicsParker Hannifin's new range of advanced IQAN sensors will help manufacturers and end users of mobile hydraulics to improve long-term operating performance while reducing overall life-cycle costs. The IQAN range of pressure, temperature, accelerometer, proximity, rotary and tilt sensors use proven and reliable technologies, are compact and lightweight, and have been developed to meet the specific needs of the mobile sector, where they can help to enhance equipment productivity and profitability.

These IQAN devices use either sophisticated thin-film Hall-effect sensors, which combine excellent stability under a wide range of operating conditions with superior mechanical and electronic characteristics, or simple but effective reed switch technology. In each case, the sensors are mounted in tough stainless steel or plastic housings, complete with all signal conditioning electronics, and are fully protected against shock, vibration and electromagnetic interference (EMI). Combined, these features help to make the IQAN products suitable for use in many different mobile and off-highway applications, from construction and forestry, to lift trucks, buses and commercial vehicles.

In addition, Parker's IQAN sensors are designed to be easy to install, with a choice of sealed electrical connectors and mounting options to reduce both build costs for OEMs and subsequent maintenance costs for end users. Just as importantly, the latest sensors can be used under extreme temperature and humidity conditions; for example, the IQAN-ST temperature sensor can operate at temperatures from -50 to +150degC, while the IQAN-SP pressure sensor can be used from -40 to +125degC.

Depending on the model of sensor, the new IQAN units offer a variety of specific advantages, such as extended output signal on the IQAN-ST temperature sensor of 250-4750mV, with a pressure rating of between 300 and 700bar. Similarly, the IQAN-SP pressure sensor offers excellent linearity, hysteresis and repeatability characteristics, has a fast response time of 5.0ms and can be used in applications requiring up to 500bar, with an over-pressure rating of up to 1050bar and a minimum burst pressure rating of 1500bar.

These latest IQAN sensors are backed by full technical and after-sales support from Parker Hannifin's global network of manufacturing and customer service centres.

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