Compax3 servo drives with EtherCAT and safe torque off

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Compax3 servo drives with EtherCAT and safe torque offParker Hannifin's Compax3 servo drive family now features a number of performance and functionality enhancements that extend across the entire range. In particular, the Compax3 servo drives are now available with EtherCAT and 'safe torque off' (STO).

Comprising servo drives for single-axis applications in low- and medium-power ranges (C3S up to 30A), devices for higher power ranges (C3H up to 155A) and servo drives for multi-axis applications (C3M), the Compax3 range has been used successfully in a wide range of industrial machine applications, as diverse as packaging machinery and automotive test equipment. Changes made to both the hardware and software platforms are designed to improve further the ease with which the Compax3 drives can be integrated into motion control applications.


Most noticeable of these changes is the addition of an EtherCAT ((Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) communications option. Providing an open high-performance real-time Ethernet fieldbus system, EtherCAT has a much higher data throughput than many other fieldbuses, thereby allowing larger numbers of I/O points and devices to be connected, while also delivering seamless vertical integration into higher level Ethernet networks.

Safe Torque Off

Additionally, the single-axis versions of the Compax3 range will now feature the 'safe torque off' functionality that was previously reserved for the C3M multi-axis servo drive. Users of these products will now have the benefit of an easier to wire, more cost-effective system capable of providing machine operators and maintenance personnel with improved levels of safety (suitable for use in EN 954-1 safety category 3 systems).

Other changes to the family include the addition of greater levels of diagnostic information to other communications network options and changes to the Parker Integrated Engineering Tool software used for programming.

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