Extended range of electronically commutated DC motors

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Among the key additions to the latest Maxon Motor 'catalogue and selection program' - out now - is a 22mm diameter brushless DC unit that gives extra options to design engineers seeking high performance while minimising size and weight.

Available in 90 and 120W power ratings, and with a choice of two lengths to suit different designs, the EC-powermax 22 expands the successful EC-powermax program with which Maxon has increased the performance-to-volume-and-weight ratio of EC (electronically commutated) DC motors.

An advance on the current EC-max premium motors, the 30mm and now 22mm EC-powermax units have been boosted by a powerful four-pole magnet that replaces the two-pole rotor of their predecessors. For this, Maxon has insisted on the best magnetic material currently available on the market.

A four-pole magnet rotates around a stationary winding whose design forms a grooveless stator, with no air gaps, that ensures efficient, detent-free operation. This provides excellent control characteristics, particularly for positioning tasks. Precise detection of the rotor's position is achieved with the use of Hall sensors.

Like every motor in Maxon's EC range, the advantages of the new products over motors with brushes include almost unlimited life, smooth performance, a very broad speed range and the ability to reach high speeds even at low voltages.

Planetary gearhead options

Thanks to Maxon's modular system, even greater versatility is possible by combining the EC-powermax 22 with 32mm planetary gearheads. It is also, of course, fully compatible with Maxon's range of controllers and other system components.

Keith Ellenden, CEO of Maxon Motor UK, says: "The EC-powermax 22 produces extremely high torque at slow speeds compared to other brushless motors of a similar size. Its exceptional power-to-size-and-weight ratio, together with the build quality and reliability designers have learned to expect from Maxon, make it suitable for applications such as medical devices and hand-held tools - including machines for slicing and drilling."

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