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Up to 50 per cent lighter, 10 per cent stronger and substantially more flexible than conventional process hoses, the new RX range of hygienic hose assemblies from Flexible Hose Supplies (FHS was acquired by Eriks in July 2007) is also certified ADI (Animal Derived Ingredients) free, thereby eliminating any risk of BSE prion contamination. The range is suitable for all commercial cleaning products, making the hoses a sound choice for use in hygienic applications in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

RX hose is supplied in the form of ready-to-use assemblies, which are produced to meet customers' precise requirements at the new RX hygienic hose production facility at FHS in Bolton. The RX range incorporates odourless and taste-free inner liners, with a choice of colour-coded outer covers, and lightweight or heavy wall designs and working pressures up to 18bar.

In addition, the improved tough liner components used in the RX range resist nicks and imperfections, thereby helping to reduce bacterial risks at the end connections that are specifically designed to remove all bug traps. The innovative liner and special spiral construction (RX Lite designs) also mean that RX hose assemblies offer substantially longer working lives than conventional assemblies.

Clean production area

To complement the inherent hygienic properties of the hose itself, the new production cell focuses on hygiene throughout. It features an extensive clean stock holding area and a clean ‘off-floor' manufacturing area. The cell also includes a 140bar test rig, on which every hose assembly is tested to 1.5 times its rated working pressure.

All RX hose assemblies feature ferrules that are deep engraved with a unique reference number (allowing for full 31B traceability) along with the test pressure and date of manufacture. Custom marking requirements can also be accommodated.

For use in the food and dairy industries the current RX hose range includes:

RX-ALIFIXX-LITE - a very flexible premium vacuum and pressure hose for milk products, animal fats and vegetable oils

RX-ALLIFIX - a pressure and vacuum hose also for foodstuffs, which features an easy-to-clean smooth internal wall

RX-VITTAFIXX - a pressure and mid-range suction hose suitable for use with milk products, animal fats, vegetable oils and fruit juices.

For breweries and beverages industries, RX-DELIFIXX-LITE is a very flexible hose for use specifically with beer, wine, alcoholic drinks to 40 per cent ABV (alcohol by volume), and with non-alcoholic drinks; RX-DELIFIXX is a hose that can be used with beverages and oily or fatty foodstuffs.

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