Compact stacking power interconnect unit saves cost

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Compact stacking power interconnect unit saves costITT Interconnect Solutions has developed a stacking power interconnect unit that eliminates multiple proprietary power and signal cable connectors by integrating them into a single stackable unit.

Originally developed for a commercial customer, the stacking power interconnect is said to streamline product appearance, provide improved power and signal handling performance, and is more cost-effective than separate connectors. ITT's customer needed a low-cost unit that would eliminate four different proprietary cable connectors handling power and signals in a motorised wheelchair (see photo). Also requested was a locking feature, IP67 sealing and reliability to handle at least 1000 mating cycles.

ITT Interconnect Solutions developed a unit consisting of a series of stackable connector modules with a single integrated power connection, enabling the customer to eliminate no fewer than five different proprietary connectors. Improved performance and a more streamlined appearance were additional advantages of ITT's interconnect technology.

Each module in the stacking power interconnect consists of seven gold contacts capable of handling 15A each, which can distribute signal and power. The unit features a positive ‘snap’ lock when engaged and a sliding lock mechanism, so it is possible to check visually that the unit is properly engaged. Further specifications include an IP67 sealed interface and built-in polarisation and cable strain relief.

For manufacturers, potential applications for the stacking power interconnect include medical equipment, such as powered hospital beds, industrial power interconnects and domestic appliances.

Further details can be found in an application note that can be downloaded from

07 October 2008

ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS)visit website
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