Safety interlock and monitoring switch combined in one

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Safety interlock and monitoring switch combined in onePilz Automation Technology is launching a new PSENslock device that combines the functions of a safety gate monitoring switch and interlock in one compact, robust unit. Suitable for mounting directly on 45mm extruded aluminium profiles, the PSENslock is designed for applications up to EN/IEC 62061 SIL3 (safety integrity level 3), EN 954-1 Category 4, and EN ISO 13849-1 PLe (Performance Level e). Sealed to IP67, it can be used on a wide variety of machinery across a diverse range of industries.

The PSENslock holds the gate closed by means of a long-life, maintenance-free electromagnet with a holding force of 500N while drawing only 4.8W from a 24V DC supply. Thanks to the non-mechanical locking technology, the switch/lock and actuator can tolerate a maximum horizontal and vertical misalignment of 5mm.

Proven non-contact, coded transponder technology ensures that the safety switch function is virtually impossible to manipulate, while also ensuring a long life when used on guards that are opened frequently during normal operation of the machinery.

Double-sided, high-brightness LEDs aid troubleshooting and enable the PSENslock to be mounted on left- or right-hinged guards. An M12 connector helps to make the unit quick and easy to install on the machine or to replace in the event of damage occurring. Dimensions are 122 x 45 x 44mm for the switch/locking component and 138 x 52 x 24mm for the actuator. The PSENslock can be readily mounted on aluminium profiles for hinged guards, or Pilz can supply optional brackets for use on folding or sliding gates.

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