CA bayonet connectors offered with a choice of end bells

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CA bayonet connectors offered with a choice of end bellsITT Interconnect Solutions has a range of bayonet connectors for military applications and harsh commercial environments that has proven consistently reliable for over 25 years. The success of the CA bayonet series has again been demonstrated with recent wins on major military programmes in the USA and worldwide.

CA bayonet connectors meet the requirements of VG95234 and are well established as suitable and flexible for applications which call for rapid mating, positive unmating and a wide variety of layouts and styles. Featuring a positive bayonet locking mechanism and an optional wave spring for smooth mating, CA bayonet connectors are available in approximately 180 different layouts and a large choice of rear accessories.

Specifications includes multiple insulator and sealing materials to protect the connector from oil ingress and temperatures up to 200degC (392degF) and a choice of plating options, including cadmium and hexavalent green zinc for MIL applications, plus RoHS-compliant nickel and zinc cobalt plating. Suitability for damp environments is assured with waterproofing to 14.5psi (1bar).

This multi-use circular connector series is now available with a wide variety of military and commercial end bells, including universal versions for simpler assembly, making it suitable for many demanding applications, including industrial automation, military vehicles, mining equipment and railway projects.

Keith Teichmann, director of marketing for ITT Interconnect Solutions, says: "We have been providing our military and commercial customers with connectors for the most demanding environments for nearly 70 years and, as recently noted by active wins on major military programmes, the CA bayonet circular connector series continues to be their first choice in the most demanding applications."

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29 October 2008

ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS)visit website
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