OK-Vise machining clamps exert up to up to 150kN

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OK-Vise high-strength, low-profile machining clamps are now available from 1st Machine Tool Accessories (1st MTA). Providing up to 150kN clamping force through the simple tightening of a cap screw, OK-Vises offer a compact and cost-effective method of securing workpieces against fixed stops. They incorporate a cross-wedge action that ensures location in all three axes and are offered in two principal variants to meet the demands of users throughout the metal working, plastics, aerospace and electronics industries.

Single-wedge types provide rigid clamping without upward or downward movement, while double-wedge models generate a pull-down action that draws components on to the fixture base. The units' low profile provides excellent workpiece access and the ability to machine in three planes without re-clamping, thereby enhancing accuracy and productivity.

Standard OK-Vises are hardened to 48-52 HRC and can be specified with either serrated or smooth jaws. Stainless steel variants – available with smooth jaws only – are offered for wire EDM work, while special-purpose models incorporating a novel self-adjusting steel ball mechanism are suitable for castings or other irregular workpieces. In addition, single-wedge clamps can be supplied with extended jaws that can be machined to suit individual piece part geometries.

Equally suitable for standalone machine tools or complex flexible manufacturing systems, OK-Vises allow users to maximise the return on their production equipment assets by enabling the highest number of workpieces to be nested and processed in a single operation. The clamps' simple operation and easy repositioning also ensure fast changeovers, further improving manufacturing effectiveness and throughput.

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04 November 2008

1st Machine Tool Accessoriesvisit website
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