Hydraulic breather caps reduce pressure fluctuations

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Standard components from Elesa have many advantages: quality, fit and performance being crucial aspects, as well as cost savings associated with these benefits. However, the amount of research and development that goes into the production of each individual component is often overlooked. Elesa's range of hydraulic breather caps for pressurised tank systems has undergone such research.

The SMN and SMW breather caps offer single- and double-valve operation so as to smooth out the pressure fluctuations in the hydraulic fluid reservoir when oil is rapidly drawn out or returned to the tank. A simple open vent would enable ingress of contaminants as well as outflow or spillage. So the SMN/W breather caps not only manage the pressure change, but they also filter air flow and seal the tank, enabling the hydraulic pump itself to operate optimally by reducing fluid foaming and pump cavitation.

SMN/W breathers feature rugged chrome-plated steel caps containing the necessary filtering and valving; they are also available as /BA bayonet fixing variants.

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