Machine vision system suits high-volume tablet inspection

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Machine vision system suits high-volume tablet inspectionMachine Vision Technology is launching a new vision inspection system that is designed to add a range of quality controls to tablet and capsule counting systems (such as the one pictured right).

Supplied with original equipment or suitable for retrofitting to existing counting systems, this vision system has been specially developed by Machine Vision Technology (MVT) for pharmaceutical applications such as inspecting tablet and capsule colour, shape, size and surface quality. Defects can be detected and product mixing prevented.

Utilising megapixel colour cameras with an LCD monitor and custom lighting, each camera scans an area equivalent to six lanes or conveying channels on tablet counting machines. The camera detects colour variation, texture, surface and coating defects - such as scratches, cracks and chips - and monitors size by length, width and diameter.

Camera software allows for menu selection of up to 400 products as standard, although this is expandable. The menu also allows for recall of pre-saved product parameters and a live image display provides ongoing information during production. Product tracking and analysis throughout the field of view of each camera is continuous. An analysis can be made every 50ms.

Integrated with the counter software, the camera software identifies defective products through a signal to the counter, indicating where the defect has been detected. One option would be for the counter to force the defective tablet into a known bottle for rejection on discharge from the counting machine.

Rick Marshall, sales manager, comments: "MVT's system is particularly suited to high-volume tablet counting machines. Adding our inline camera vision system enhances quality control by providing additional quality assurance, production repeatability and reliability."

The new system can be retrofitted easily and is said to be suitable for all leading tablet counting systems currently available, including those produced by Pharma Packaging Systems, Swift Pack, Cremer, Countec and others.

07 January 2009

Machine Vision Technology Ltdvisit website
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