Lift-and-turn compression latch suits large, heavy panels

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Southco's new N2 Lift-and-Turn Compression Latch features solid components and straightforward mechanical action to deliver firm compression and robust performance in demanding applications. The design was developed in conjunction with major off-highway equipment OEMs and tested to meet the strenuous demands of those applications. A stainless steel shaft and the mechanical advantage of lever-action tightening work to secure larger, heavier doors and minimise rattle.

With snug compression and a maximum working load capacity of 1000N, the N2 latch design is geared for applications subject to shock and vibration – such as engine covers, access panels or storage compartment doors on heavy-duty off-highway equipment and other transportation or industrial equipment. Each latch provides a consistent 6mm of pull-up compression to ensure snug door closure and minimum rattling, even in gasketed applications.

A T-shaped handle offers an easy grasp for operator convenience, even in environments where users wear bulky work gloves. Its folding design minimises protrusion above the door surface when not in use. A recessed cup model is also available to store and protect the folded handle, with no protrusion.


Multiple cam options and adjustable grip dimensions provide flexibility to tailor latch performance to the specific needs of applications. Straight and offset cam options can be installed and adjusted in different positions to accommodate a wide range of grip dimensions – the distance from the front of the door panel to the point of latch engagement – from 2.5-104mm. Locking and non-locking versions are also available, depending on the security requirements of the application.

Panel preparation and installation are simplified by the use of a single mounting hole that is the same as for earlier Southco T-handle compression latches. This makes both the initial installation and subsequent substitution of latches easier. A single sleeve nut with a tab washer provides quick, secure installation in door panels ranging from 1.5-2.5mm thick.

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