Compact MDM PCB connector handles 100 signals

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Compact MDM PCB connector handles 100 signalsITT Interconnect Solutions is launching a micro connector that can provide 100 signals in a lightweight and compact package. The 100-position 1.27mm (0.050in) pitch MDM PCB connector allows for excellent signal density in applications where board space is restricted due to the number and size of other components. Effective EMI shielding is integrated into the connector by means of special back-moulding processes, saving further space and weight on the board. Very short-reach signals can be achieved as the interconnect can be terminated to flex circuitry.

Benefiting from ITT's innovative twist pin contact system, the MDM connectors feature crimped and gold-plated contacts to ensure high signal integrity. Housed in an aluminium shell, this W/LCP dielectric connector series is available in multiple plating options. Jack post hardware is also available.

A combination of very high signal density, low weight and robustness suits applications such as aircraft avionics, satellite systems, electronic instrument packages and oilfield exploration equipment.

Further details are available in an application note freely downloadable from

20 January 2009

ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS)visit website
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