Silicon sealants benefit electrical/electronic applications

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ThreeBond TB1220 series silicon sealants are a zero-alcohol range of products that claim to show major advances in terms of curing speed and storage. Remarkable improvements have been achieved, making the TB1220 adhesive sealants especially suitable for bonding, fixing, sealing, coating or potting of electrical and electronics parts, and also for sealing connectors, dielectric sealing and in moisture-proof coatings.

The full range of TB1220/21/22B/22C and /25B products have minimal effect on metal components - such as copper - because they contain no alcohol; they also have little effect on plastics.

TB1222B and TB1222C offer advantages because the low-molecular siloxane component has been reduced, thereby avoiding contact failures in micro-motors or in airtight relays or switches. They also offer excellent heat resistance, hot/cold weather resistance and are suitable for use on PCBs, connectors and elsewhere in communications equipment or automotive applications.

In addition, TB1225B offers excellent heat-dissipating properties, making it suitable for use with switching power supplies, power ICs and computer CPUs or lighting power inverters.

From the general-purpose TB1220 to its more specialist brethren, the whole package proves a comprehensive silicon sealing option for the electrical/electronics assembly industries. For further information go to

21 January 2009

ThreeBond Europe S.A.S. (UK Branch)visit website
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