Customisable PCB housings mount directly on DIN rail

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Customisable PCB housings mount directly on DIN railHylec-APL now provides a range of customisable PCB housings that mount directly onto DIN rail, providing OEMs and installers with the flexibility to specify their design for each application.

Securing a PCB with a DIN rail-mounted modular housing within a control cabinet avoids the requirement for a more complex and costly secondary enclosure. It also provides ease of installation and future accessibility to the PCB. Hylec-APL offers DIN rail PCB housings moulded in V-0 and V-2 UL material and can include custom drilling and printing at no extra charge.

There are three types of PCB housings within Hylec-APL's range. 'Two-width' modular housings are the classic DIN rail PCB housing. These are available either in modular form, clipping together to provide varying lengths, or extruded form, which is pre-cut to the customer's required length. The 'Two-width' housings are compatible with various industry-standard PCB widths: 43, 68, 72, 100 and 108mm.

Other products offered by Hylec-APL are vertical rail housing and module boxes. The vertical rail housing slots to the DIN rail to enable up to two PCBs to be mounted vertically in the housing. It comes in various height, width and depth dimensions to give customers different design options. Holes, slots and windows can be drilled to specification so that LEDs, connectors, switches and other components can be incorporated into an OEM's finished product. Logos, legends and symbols can also be silk-screen or laser-printed on demand.

Up to nine units are available in different step and height profiles. The boxes are available with hinged lids in clear and coloured material for internal viewing or access. As with the vertical boxes, the module boxes are fully customisable to design specification for drilling and printing.

Alex D'Arcy of Hylec-APL comments: "We believe that the user should be able to fully specify their requirements for PCB housings. This enables OEMs to make a finished product their own. It is important to work with customers during the design stages to ensure that they get the right match between application, PCB size and housing. This is why any customisation is completed by the factory with no additional tooling charges. The customisation is available for small sample runs and we can offer a lead time of within two weeks for most orders."

Hylec-APL specialises in the bulk supply of electronic and electro-mechanical components to OEMs, sub-contract manufacturers and distribution organisations. Hylec-APL maintains a large UK stock profile, with short lead times. To receive a copy of the new products brochure, call Hylec-APL or visit

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