Moduflex Extras air filters reduce energy consumption

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Moduflex Extras air filters reduce energy consumptionParker Hannifin is launching a new range of innovative air filters that incorporate aerospace technology for optimised air flow and more efficient filtration. As a result, the high-quality Moduflex Extras filters can reduce energy costs considerably and help organisations minimise the environmental impact of their pneumatic applications.

Flow rates are increased through the filters' flow management system, which incorporates a number of features based on aerodynamic principles. These features include a ‘bell mouth’ inlet, which provides an unrestricted path for air entering the filter element, and a smooth elbow that directs air into the filter element more efficiently than the sharp 90-degree corner in most conventional filters. Additionally, many of the models in the range feature specially designed turning vanes that channel the incoming air to reduce pressure drop and increase efficiency still further.

Moduflex Extras filters feature deep pleat element technology and specially treated filtration media to offer 400 per cent greater surface area than traditional wrapped filter elements, resulting in increased dirt-holding capacity and extended service life. Furthermore, the coalescing filters in the range use four drainage innovations to ensure high performance. These are a high-efficiency layer that provides increased liquid drainage, a specially designed element underneath the lower end cap to eliminate ‘wet band’, drainage ribs cast into the filter bowl to allow liquid to drain more rapidly, and surface tension breakers moulded into the lower end cap to prevent liquid from sticking.

A range of accessories is available for use with the filters, including an incident monitor to indicate premature high differential pressure, a fixing clamp for quick and simple connection of multiple filter housings, and mounting brackets that provide additional support to filters installed in flexible piping systems or OEM equipment.

Moduflex Extras filters have successfully passed testing in accordance with ISO 12500 and have been independently verified for performance by the Lloyds Register.

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