Parker launches Isys Micro plug-in valve islands

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Parker launches Isys Micro plug-in valve islandsParker Hannifin is launching the Isys Micro, a centralised plug-in valve system that makes it easy to build compact pneumatic systems. The Isys Micro is described as simple to install and use, and is designed with flexibility in mind, enabling users to choose from various installation configurations, communications protocols and override systems.

This new plug-in valve island features a robust metal sub-base onto which up to four valves can be fitted. The compact back-to-back design incorporates four solenoid valves in each 42mm wide slice, producing up to eight functions per module. The valves also features Parker's ‘Wear Compensating Seal Technology’ that can achieve 50million cycles.

Easy to install, the Isys Micro requires no individual wiring, and by using either front- or bottom-ported modules for flexibility, it has all the necessary pneumatic connections together on one side of the unit.

Isys Micro features a Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet communication system. In addition, it is fully compatible with Parker's Isysnet communications system, with a single communications module able to support up to 63 I/O modules and 256 inputs and outputs.

A multi-function manual override feature enables the standard non-locking manual override to be easily changed to locking or blocked, so machine builders can lock the system settings before supplying the product to the customer. Additionally, the system can be branded to allow OEMs to control their brand integrity.

A full range of accessories is available for use with the Isys Micro, including valve island end kits, Fieldbus modules and cabling, providing a complete centralised pneumatic valve system for a diverse range of applications.

Follow the link for more information about the Isys Micro valve islands.

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