Parker unveils Compax3 single- and multi-axis servo drives

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Parker unveils Compax3 single- and multi-axis servo drivesParker Hannifin is launching Compax3 intelligent servo drives. The Compax3 family has been designed to offer OEMs and end users a full range of drives that are simple to program and operate. In addition, Compax3 servo drives are based on a common operating platform, delivering high levels of performance and functionality, and have been developed for use in global applications, with support from Parker's worldwide network of sales and technology centres.

Operating at between 1 and 110kVA, the Compax3 family of single- and multi-axis servo drives is suitable for use with all common types of motors and actuators including sine-commutated synchronous and asynchronous motors, torque motors, linear servo motors and voice coil motors. Similarly, the Compax3 system supports a variety of different feedback technologies such as resolvers, sine cosine in single- or multi-turn versions, Hiperface or EnDat interfaces, analogue and digital hall sensors, and distance-coded, rotary and linear encoders.

As an open system, Compax3 can be used with Profibus, CANopen, DeviceNet, EtherCAT and Powerlink protocols, and can also be supplied with a real-time drive bus for dynamic, multi-axis synchronised applications.

With Parker's Integrated Engineering Tool software, the functionality and performance of Compax3 is enhanced still further. This software uses PLCopen Motion Control Function Blocks and wizard technology to make setup, configuration and subsequent tuning and adjustment quick and simple. In addition, the software includes features such as integrated online help, automatic debugging, IEC 61131-3 programming, an oscilloscope function and support for mechatronic systems through MotorManager and HydraulicsManager modules.

Available with a wide choice of options, the Compax3 family of servo drives is supported by Parker's network of manufacturing, sales and technology centres. The company can provide dedicated system design and development, supply pre-configured systems ready for installation and offer complete drive, pneumatics, hydraulics and mechatronic products.

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